Meet the Warriors

Trevor Wilson

Sports Information Director

The Circle City Conference is excited to welcome Covenant Christian High School into our family. We caught up with CCHS Athletic Director Andy Gossel to learn more about our newest member:

CCC – How many students are enrolled at CCHS?
AG – Our enrollment was 350 students in 2017-18. It may be a little higher this year, but I have not heard firm numbers as of yet.

CCC – What classes do your teams compete in?
AG – Baseball, volleyball, and basketball all compete in 2A. Soccer, football, and for the first time in like ten years, softball are all in 1A. (CCHS does field a football team, but will only compete against one conference member this season – Heritage Christian)

CCC – Are there any CCC sports in which you will not be participating?
AG – Yes, Covenant will not be entering the CCC in football. Also, we do not field teams in wrestling or lacrosse.

CCC – What are your strongest programs?
AG – As with most small schools, the strength of programs tends to move up and down. Historically, boys soccer has been our strongest sport year in and year out. In the last few years, girls basketball and girls volleyball have also done very well. The girls basketball program will look to rebuild a little bit after graduating so much talent in the last 2-3 years, but they should still be solid. Our girls volleyball team just graduated a very strong class; they may be in rebuild mode this season. Baseball, boys basketball, and softball will all look to continue to build momentum coming into this season.

CCC – What are some examples of your best IHSAA tournament successes?
AG – Our boys soccer team was state runners-up in 1A in 2012 and 2017. Girls volleyball was state runners-up in 2A in 2016. Girls basketball was state runners-up in 2A in 2017.

CCC – What can you tell us about your coaching staff?
AG – I’m excited about our coaching staff in 2018-19. For the first time in a few years, we did not have any turnover of any head coaches. They are a great group of people, dedicated to the Lord and to help students grow in their faith, as people, and as athletes. We have coaches, such as Larry McWhorter (football) and Scott Flatt (Boys Basketball) who have a lot of experience as head coaches, while at the same time, some younger coaches that have 1-2 years experience that are doing a great job mentoring students and building their programs.

CCC – As the AD, what makes you the most excited about joining the conference?
AG – I am really excited about the idea of being a part of these six schools who, while being different in many ways, have similar missions to help students and families develop in a faith-based educational model, not just for the four years that the student is at our schools, but for the next forty years of their lives. Our school credo is “Minds enlightened, hearts inflamed, lives transformed.” That’s our goal for every student and that that transformation also has great impact on their family both now and in the future. I believe athletics is one way to help live out our credo and have impact for the Lord in the lives of our students.

CCC – What are you the most excited about for your programs for the 2018-19 school year?
AG – I’m eager to see how some of our young athletes transform their hard work in the past and in this offseason to hopeful success on the court or field this school year. With moving into the CCC, we know that it will pose a great challenge to regularly compete against our conference opponents that have a history of success athletically, and that for the most part, are larger schools than we are. We are hopeful that that challenge will cause our student-athletes to increase the level of their hard work and dedication to take our programs to the next level competitively, and then hopefully better prepare our teams for the state tournament.

Welcome and good luck to the Warriors!!