@RowdyRebz Says Rebels are Ready with the Ruckus

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The Roncalli Rebels have long been known to be loud and proud.  Whether it was a full student section chanting before the football teams of the ’80s and ’90s even came out for warmups or the year-round auditory assault of the “Bring the Ruckus!” campaign of the early aughts, passionately supporting their squads is just as much a part of the Roncalli tradition as “Make it a great day!” and Mr. Tully.  In preparation for Friday’s Circle City Conference Championship, we caught up with senior fan-leader Lucas Keller (@RowdyRebz) and some of the seniors from this year’s hoops team.
CCC:  How excited are the fans for Friday’s championship game?
Lucas Keller:  Based on their interview, definitely more excited than the Braves…
CCC:  It will be the last time these eight seniors play in The Woodshed. Do you have anything special planned for them or thoughts about their legacy?
Keller:  We plan on having our usual Senior Night activities and a rowdy student section. Oh, we also plan on taking the beautiful Circle City Conference Championship trophy home at the end of the night.  The boys have really showed what it means to be a Rebel, and they have made us all proud.
CCC:  With all of the attention and focus the Brebeuf fan base received earlier in the season, do you feel like the Roncalli fan section has been given its just due?
Keller:  I feel that the Roncalli student section is very rarely given it’s due and is often overlooked, if I’m being honest. We were really snubbed for The Zone 8 banner and apparently there is a student section better than ours in the conference, but it’s okay…
CCC:  What does the student section mean to this team?
Jack Hegwood:  The student section definitely gives us a home court advantage as we tend to feed off of their energy a lot. Two of our biggest wins of the year came when our student section was at its best so it’s almost as if we have a “6th Man”.
Matthew Looney:  The student section means a lot to this team. Most of us were loud for the football players, so it’s
awesome to see them return the favor.
CCC:  What cheer or chant pushes you to the next level?
Drew Fleming:  No cheer specifically “pushes me to the next level.” I think just constant cheering and yelling helps us as a team to get energy and play well. I always like when the student section yells at the other team while shooting free throws.
Reese McGinsie:  “Let’s Go Rebels” is a chant that pushes all of us to the next level. Everyone in our student section
chants it and it hypes us up.
CCC:  What are your thoughts on the “100” pre-game cheer? What will happen if the Brebeuf fans try to break that out on the road?
Keller:  We aren’t really sure what this “100” cheer is and we don’t really care. If they try this nonsense, the Brebeuf fans will be in for a rude awakening.
CCC:  Is there a little part of you that fears the Brebeuf fans will come down south and turn this into their “home” game?
Keller:  We only fear God on the Southside.
CCC:  What is it going to take from the Roncalli student section to catapult the Rebels to their first ever conference title?
Keller:  As long as the boys play to their potential, it shouldn’t take much, because we are clearly the better
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