Nick Perkins is on a mission

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As the cross country season begins, all eyes have focused on Roncalli senior runner Nick Perkins. He has been a four-year varsity runner for the Rebels and has left a lasting mark on this program’s decorated history. Perkins currently holds four school records, including the fastest time ever recorded by a freshman, sophomore, and junior as well as the fastest time ever recorded by any runner at Roncalli. He doesn’t plan on stopping there, hoping to have a big senior season.
“My ultimate goal for the season is to reach the state meet again,” Perkins said. “I am very excited to see this year unfold.”
Head coach of the Rebel’s cross country team, Jeff Buckley expresses a lot of confidence in Perkins’ ability as a competitor. Buckley believes that what sets him apart from others is his intellect as a runner.    
“Nick attacks every meet like a puzzle. He is so successful because his IQ on the course has been second to none,” Buckley said. “Nick always knows exactly what time he is running at any given point and he knows where he has to be time wise in order to win. The level of intelligence Nick has as a competitor is so uncommon in runners of his age.”
Perkins has established himself as an elite runner in Indiana, after having made it to the state meet in his junior season.There is a lot of expectation for Perkins to perform at a high level again but it doesn’t seem to phase him.
“Once I do my little warmup and make sure to eat pasta the night before all the pressure slides off.” Perkins said. “I get butterflies during the first and last meet of each year, but everything sandwiched in between is just another race.”
He is on track for a strong season so far, having placed second in two of his three races and winning the other. The first race of the season was a memorable affair featuring a photo-finish between Nick and the defending conference champion, sixth-ranked Quinn Gallagher.
Other schools better keep their eyes on Nick Perkins this season, because he is a force to be reckoned with out on the course.