Powerhouses collide

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The Circle City Conference Championship for girls volleyball has come down to two teams for the past two seasons, Brebeuf and Roncalli. The Rebels have been victorious over the Braves in both meetings, but it has not been an easy win either year, having won by split decision last year. This rivalry, however, goes back far beyond the Circle City. These two were 3A powerhouses and always found themselves competing against each other before Roncalli moved up to 4A. Even coaches Brian Murray of Brebeuf and Missy Marsh or Roncalli have crossed paths in the volleyball world for years
“Coach Marsh played with my sister at Circle City,” Murray said. “We have been coaching against one another since she took over at Roncalli. A majority of those years occurred when Roncalli was in 3A, and we were in the same sectional (most the time we were both ranked in the top 5 of 3A).”
Having seen each other from across the net for so long, these two coaches have come to expect a certain level of play from each others’ teams.
“Brian (Murray) is a good coach. They are going to be a good team. They will be a disciplined team with very sound fundamental play,” Marsh said. “They will require a maximum effort from my team as well as my maximum effort as a coach. I always expect a good, hard fought match from them.”
This year, the two teams have started the season off with consistent and solid play. Both teams are undefeated in conference play and have shown no signs of slowing down. Not to rule out the very strong Heritage Christian team, but this match could potentially determine the difference between first and second in conference this year. Both coaches see the importance of this match with regard to the rest of the season.
“We are excited for the match up because we know its a really good team on the other side of the net,” Coach Murray said. “This will allow both teams to get a good evaluation of where they are in terms of development and what each of us need to do to make a deep tourney run.”
Coach Marsh shares similar feelings about the game and is also eager to see how the two teams match up.
“Both teams are going into this game with a lot of momentum and a lot of experience in big game situations,” Marsh said. “This match will be about who brings their best game on that given night. I am just excited to see my team get to lineup with a team as good as theirs.”
When preparing for the state tournament, these two conference powerhouses are definitely teams to watch out and not to take lightly. Come out and cheer them on tonight.  The action starts at 6 pm tonight at Brebeuf Jesuit.