BVB – Brebeuf nips Covenant

Brebeuf Jesuit – The Braves took on the Warriors in their first Circle City Conference match of the season and barely managed to survive, eventually winning in the 5th set, 19-17. Coming back from spring break, the Braves finally had everyone healthy for the first time this season so a new line up was put on the floor. The rust, the line up, and poor play contributed to the losses in the first two games, with nothing going well. A small line up change in the third game provided a little momentum and Brebeuf eked out a back and forth set. The 4th game had Brebeuf with two more line up changes that clicked as they rushed out of the gate, courtesy of Xavier Momper’s serving, 10-1. They never looked back. The 5th set found the Braves maintaining a 2-3 point lead through most of the match, until the end, when the host Warriors pulled even at 13-13. The Braves managed to survive 4 match points before finally stringing together 3 points in a row behind the serving of newly activated MH Zack Anglen, to pull out the win and escape with a 19-17 victory.