Brebeuf Student Section is 100!

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The Circle City Conference has some of the best student sections in the state.  Guerin Catholic has the live band rocking at The Nest.  Heritage Christian fills The Pit and travels well.  Bishop Chatard has a core group who know how to get under their opponents’ skin.  On the south side, Roncalli makes their shoebox gym feel even smaller when their crowd starts heating up.
With all due respect to the aforementioned schools, few can bring the heat better than the Braves.  They became Twitter-famous earlier in the year for their pre-game razzing of conference foe and arch rival Guerin Catholic.  The crowd counted out each missed Golden Eagles shot during the warm-ups.  When Jack Hansen finally clanked the 100th brick off of the rim, the crowd erupted into pandemonium.  InTheGymHoops caught the end result on tape, and it quickly went viral.
With the conference championship looming, we caught up with Brebeuf senior John Whiting to find out what makes the Braves student section click.
CCC:  Who are the leaders of the group and what are their goals?
Whiting:  It’s a collective effort, no one person has all of the control.  It’s pretty easy going in the student section, but we do like to always try and make constant noise to throw off the opponent.
CCC:  What do you do to build excitement for a big game during the week?
Whiting:  The basketball team does a great job of reminding students to come out and support them during the week, especially on twitter.  The team puts out these hype videos for almost every game.  It’s just a little clip to get the students thinking about the game and ready to bring the noise. There is always a theme associated with the game that is decided during the week.
CCC:  How did the infamous “100” cheer come about?  How did it feel to see that kind of blow up on twitter and in the Indy Star?
Whiting:  It started last year, but never really picked up because everyone lost patience. Then, all it took was for Guerin to miss 100 shots, very quickly I might add, to set us off. InTheGymHoops tweeted at us and it took off, so now we try and do it at every game.
CCC:  What makes you the best cheer block in the state/conference?
Whiting:  Intensity and pride for Brebeuf.
CCC:  To what lengths are you willing to go to ensure a Brebeuf victory and conference championship on Friday night?
Whting:  When everybody brings the noise we are going to make sure the opponent hears us.
CCC:  What type of numbers do you foresee traveling down to Roncalli this Friday?
Whiting:  Away games are tough and Roncalli is no different. But because it is a big game I think that a lot of energy will be brought to the Southside.
CCC:  Is there any challenge or message you would like to send to Rebel Nation?
 Whiting:  Let the boys play
CCC:  Why will Brebeuf undoubtedly come away with the victory?
Whiting:  Easy… one number. #30
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